Financial services for Cannabis-related businesses in New Mexico

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How it works

  • We conduct initial due diligence on behalf of financial institutions that complies with the 2014 FinCEN Guidance.
  • We connect you with a participating bank or credit union.
  • You focus on growing your operation knowing your business and money are secure.

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Services provided by
Aery Group™️

Aery Group™ provides select CRBs with financial services that are trusted, secure, and compliant.

Aery Group™ understands the cannabis industry and is the only Credit Union in New Mexico to offer financial services to cannabis related businesses (CRBs).

Our team is experienced and trained to specifically understand and comply with the complex web of banking regulations that support the unique CRB model.


For CRBs and Ancillary businesses, Aery Group™ can provide the following:

  • Share Accounts (savings accounts)
  • Business Checking Accounts and Checks
  • Debit Cards
  • Online and Mobile Banking
  • Online Bill Pay
  • ACH/EFT (Electronic Transfers)
  • Domestic Wires

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CRBs and the cannabis industry need normalization and transparency. Aery Group™ can help you:

  • Secure your physical cash
  • Gain access to normal payment channels via debit purchases
  • Rise above stereotypes that are prohibiting CRBs from smoothly operating
  • Provide certainty on fees
  • Provide banking records
  • Focus on business, NOT banking issues

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