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The Safe Harbor Program™ helps financial institutions access the multibillion dollar cannabis industry.

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As the nation’s first and only service-based program that specializes in helping financial institutions provide business banking to cannabis-related businesses (CRBs), the Safe Harbor Program™ can help you complete and exceed the due diligence, monitoring and reporting requirements that are typical barriers to providing services to CRBs

The Safe Harbor Program™ allows you to service CRBs of all types. It assists you in managing the complex reporting requirements of growers, dispensaries and retailers, as well as the lesser burden of proof required of cannabis associations, service companies (payroll, staffing, security, etc.), cannabis industry consultants and landlords.

Explore this section to learn more about the program’s services, how the program works and what you need to do to become a Safe Harbor financial institution partner. We will help you take that next step towards building your CRB customer base and safer communities.

The services you need to connect with cannabis-related businesses.

  • Customer Lead Generation

    • Ongoing marketing and sales initiatives under the Safe Harbor Program™ purview
    • All services marketed under Safe Harbor Program™ branding
    • Prospects driven to the Safe Harbor Program™ website to complete the registration and on-boarding processes
  • Initial Customer Due Diligence

    • Every candidate verified as banking ready through a stringent, know your customer (KYC) compliance assessment process
    • Assessment includes business document authentication, owner investigation, operations analysis and information to help you verify funds deposited
  • Customer Application Management

    • Initial account application through the Safe Harbor Program™
    • Application tracking that includes monitoring of customer document uploads
    • Safe Harbor relationship managers available to assist in CRB application review
  • Program Management Support

    • Support to review application progress, monitor activity and generate regulatory reports
    • Risk quantification through a proprietary BSA calculator built around almost three years of industry data
  • Compliance Monitoring and Reporting Support

    • Support generating reporting documentation
    • Automated Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) reports and monitoring
    • Support with tracking license renewals, state filings and key service provider contracts
  • Ongoing Program Auditing and Assurance

    • Independent validation of the Safe Harbor Program™ by a top 25 CPA firm
    • Vendor due diligence
    • Formal reporting to Safe Harbor and your financial institution
  • Comprehensive Training

    • Training on the Safe Harbor Program™
    • Industry best practices around servicing CRB customers
    • In-person and online instruction
    • Mandatory training and education for your employees

The benefits of offering financial services through the Safe Harbor Program™

As a financial institution, the Safe Harbor Program™ helps you:
  • Streamline the process of onboarding new cannabis-related business (CRB) accounts
  • Streamline your reporting requirements
  • Follow FinCEN guidelines for providing financial services to CRBs
  • Retain control and embrace the booming yet underserved CRB customer market
  • Foster a safer atmosphere in the communities where your CRB customers are located
How it works

The fees associated with the Safe Harbor Program™

Program fees incurred by financial institutions:

There are certain program fees associated with being a partner in the Safe Harbor Program™ which can be detailed by the Safe Harbor staff when you inquire about the program.

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