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The Safe Harbor platform makes CRB account management more manageable.

Each Safe Harbor financial institution partner will have its own secure platform for access to all the requisite information regarding their CRB accounts. This cloud-based platform interfaces with the CRB’s POS system. It captures operational and transactional data and imports it to the Safe Harbor Platform interface for your financial institution. The platform also constantly monitors all account activity, flagging and alerting you of non-compliant accounts and suspicious activity.

The platform dashboard makes it easy for you to perform the required primary FinCEN-related operations on your customers. The reports section allows automated and custom reports to be run real time. The research section is key in helping you perform the ongoing know your customer (KYC) due diligence required to follow FinCEN guidelines. The notes section provides you with a quick and easy way to create context-sensitive notes that can be sorted and searched.

Your Safe Harbor Platform will be customized to support your financial institution. It is also easily scaled as you expand your CRB account base.

The Dashboard

All your account management tasks right at your fingertips


Real-time automated and custom reports for easy review and verification


Investigative tools and account monitoring for KYC responsibility fulfillment


An organized repository for important, context-sensitive reminders, thoughts and ideas

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With the Safe Harbor Program helping manage the due diligence, monitoring and reporting requirements that are typical barriers, we make it effective for you to provide banking services to CRBs. The sooner you become a Safe Harbor partner, the greater your opportunity to capture early market share and gain access to a variety of additional revenue streams. You also increase your market position as a go-to industry leader in your state as well as nationally.

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