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“If only there were a practical way for us to provide financial services to the cannabis industry.”

With the Safe Harbor Program™, there is.

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Are you a cannabis-related business? Check out Safe Harbor for Business

The Safe Harbor Program™ is the nation’s first and only service-based program that specializes in helping financial institutions provide business banking to cannabis-related businesses (CRBs). We provide solutions for the due diligence, monitoring and reporting issues that are typical barriers to establishing a banking relationship that follows FinCEN guidelines.

Better business practices.
Safer communities. It’s bigger than banking™.

The Safe Harbor Program™ approach is simple.

  • We conduct the necessary due diligence on potential CRB customers.

  • We market your services through the Safe Harbor Program™.

  • We help you implement the Safe Harbor Program™ into your financial institution.

  • We teach you how to bank cannabis and provide ongoing professional services to support you.

  • You benefit from a simplified way to extend your reach to the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry.

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Features & Benefits

What the Safe Harbor Program™ provides:

  • CRB customers who desire a direct banking relationship and have gone through a stringent due diligence process that follows Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines
  • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and transaction monitoring support
  • Program Management support
  • A cannabis-industry-optimized, proprietary BSA calculator that helps quantify the risks associated with each CRB
  • Comprehensive initial and ongoing staff training
  • Customizable options for implementing the Safe Harbor Program™
  • Ongoing professional services support
  • Regular updates based on lessons learned from operating in the space
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With the Safe Harbor Program™ helping manage the due diligence, monitoring and reporting requirements that are typical barriers, we make it effective for you to provide banking services to CRBs. The sooner you become a Safe Harbor partner, the greater your opportunity to capture early market share and gain access to a variety of additional revenue streams. You also increase your market position as a go-to industry leader in your state as well as nationally.

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