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“If only there were a practical way for us to provide financial services to the cannabis industry.”

With the Safe Harbor Program, there is.

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Are you a cannabis-related business? Check out Safe Harbor for Business

The Safe Harbor Program is the nation’s first and only service-based program that specializes in helping financial institutions provide business banking to cannabis-related businesses (CRBs). We provide solutions for the due diligence, monitoring and reporting issues that are typical barriers to establishing a banking relationship that follows FinCEN guidelines.

Better business practices.
Safer communities. It’s bigger than banking.

The Safe Harbor Program approach is simple.

  • We conduct the necessary due diligence on potential CRB customers.

  • We market your services through the Safe Harbor Program.

  • We provide transaction monitoring and reporting support.

  • We incorporate ongoing independent program reviews.

  • You benefit from a simplified way to extend your reach to the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry.

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Features & Benefits

What the Safe Harbor Program provides:

  • CRB customers who desire a direct banking relationship and have gone through a stringent due diligence process that follows Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines
  • Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and transaction monitoring support
  • Program Management support
  • A cannabis-industry-optimized, proprietary BSA calculator that helps quantify the risks associated with each CRB
  • Comprehensive initial and ongoing staff training
  • Lead generation through program-based marketing and sales initiatives
  • Ongoing internal program audits performed by an independent CPA firm
  • Reporting documentation and support
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With the Safe Harbor Program helping manage the due diligence, monitoring and reporting requirements that are typical barriers, we make it effective for you to provide banking services to CRBs. The sooner you become a Safe Harbor partner, the greater your opportunity to capture early market share and gain access to a variety of additional revenue streams. You also increase your market position as a go-to industry leader in your state as well as nationally.

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