CRB Services

The Safe Harbor Program™ offers cannabis-related businesses a better, safer way to do business.

As the nation’s first and only service-based program that specializes in connecting cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) with financial institutions, the Safe Harbor Program™ can help you in establishing a banking relationship that follows FinCEN guidelines.

The Safe Harbor Program™ is not limited in the types of CRBs able to participate. It is designed to meet the specific financial service needs and reporting requirements of growers, dispensaries, and retailers, as well as cannabis associations, service companies (payroll, staffing, security, etc.), cannabis industry consultants and landlords.

Explore this section to learn more about the program’s services, how the program works and what you need to do to apply. We will help you take that next step towards building better business practices and a safer community.

The services you need to move away from a cash-only business model.

Not all CRBs automatically have access to all services. The services you qualify for will vary based on the assessment of the information collected during the application process.

  • Commercial Financial Services

    We help foster a direct banking relationship with an established financial institution interested in your business. Our initial operational assessment helps you make sure your business is banking ready. You gain access to checking and savings accounts with check writing as well as an armored carrier and vaulting services for cash. Your Safe Harbor financial institution will charge fair and reasonable account fees.

  • Tax and Payroll Services

    As a Safe Harbor Program™ account holder, you will be able to pay your employees with actual paychecks and may even be able to offer direct deposit. You will be able to withhold and easily track the requisite taxes. You will also avoid the penalties assessed for paying your taxes using cash.

The benefits of doing business as part of the Safe Harbor Program™

As a business, the Safe Harbor Program™ helps you:

  • Run your business more efficiently and effectively
  • Enjoy the increased safety and security of being able to deposit your daily receipts
  • Reduce the amount of cash passing through hands at your business
  • Receive an ongoing level of service that follows FINCEN guidelines
  • Create a safer atmosphere for your employees, your customers and the communities in which you have locations
  • Increase your visibility into daily operations
  • Access the resources you need to grow your business
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The fees you will pay with the Safe Harbor Program™

Because of the FinCEN verification and oversight aspects built into the Safe Harbor Program™, fees are able to be based off of industry standards for business-related financial services offered to cannabis-related businesses. Your exact fees and rates will be disclosed upon your initial acceptance into the Safe Harbor Program™.