How it Works

Cannabis-Related Businesses

How Safe Harbor Services works for cannabis-related businesses.

We conduct initial due diligence on behalf of financial institutions that complies with the 2014 FinCEN guidance.

The first step in the Safe Harbor Program™ involves an extensive examination of your business. We do this to ensure you are operating within the required parameters. This provides financial institutions the information they need, so they know the CRBs they take on as customers follow FinCEN guidelines for receiving banking services.

We connect you with a participating bank or credit union.

Once your CRB has successfully completed the initial due diligence process, with your permission, we securely transfer your due diligence information to local banks and/or credit unions that have implemented the Safe Harbor Program™.

You focus on growing your operation knowing your business and money are secure.

With the Safe Harbor Program™, you will have access to traditional financial services so that you have more time to focus on your customers and growing your business.

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