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For Cannabis-Related Businesses

“I just wish we had the ability to bank like any other business.”

With the Safe Harbor Program™, you can.

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Are you a bank or credit union? Check out Safe Harbor for financial institutions

The Safe Harbor Program™ is the nation’s first and only service-based program that specializes in connecting cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) with financial institutions. We provide solutions for the due diligence, monitoring, and reporting issues that are the typical barriers to establishing a banking relationship that follows FinCEN guidelines.

Better business practices.
Safer communities. It’s bigger than banking™.

The Safe Harbor Program™ approach is simple.

  • We perform thorough due diligence and verify you follow FINCEN guidelines.

  • We connect you with a participating bank or credit union.

  • We provide the support necessary for the monitoring and reporting part of the banking equation.

  • You focus on growing your operation knowing your business and money are secure.

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The Safe Harbor Program™

As a business, the Safe Harbor Program™ gives you:

  • A direct banking relationship with an established financial institution interested in your business
  • An initial compliance assessment to make sure your business is banking ready
  • Reporting tools to help you follow FinCEN guidelines
  • The increased safety and security of being able to deposit your daily receipts
  • Access to checking and savings accounts with check writing as well as an armored carrier and vaulting services for cash
  • Automated auditing of daily transactions
  • Fair and reasonable account fees
  • The ability to conduct business more efficiently and effectively
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We make the process as easy as possible

As you know, being a cannabis-related business is not always simple. States, and sometimes municipalities, have their own rules and regulations. Fortunately, we can help you navigate this highly regulated industry and make sure you are a qualified potential customer for banks and credit unions looking to work with cannabis-related businesses.

The basic process looks like this:

  • You fill out an initial application through our system.
  • Safe Harbor Program™ staff reviews the documents you provide us as part of the due diligence we provide to help the banks and credit unions.
  • We take you through the next steps of the application, and once you have completed the due diligence process, we connect you with a selected bank or credit union. You work directly with them to open your Safe Harbor account.

Some of the info and/or documents you should gather before you apply:

  • Business documents including your By-Laws or Operating Agreement
  • Your IRS EIN Certification Letter
  • Your marijuana license or certificate and a copy of the complete application you provided to become a licensee
  • Your photo ID and a personal resume telling us about yourself and your past work experience
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