Better business practices for CRBs.
Safer communities for all.

About Safe Harbor Services

Safe Harbor Services was established to help bridge the gap between those operating cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) and financial institutions. It all began when Sundie Seefried, a 35-year veteran of the credit union industry, realized that helping financial institutions provide CRBs with an alternative to operating as cash-only businesses would ultimately mean greater community safety.

In 2014, Sundie established the Safe Harbor Program™ in Colorado. Its success led to an expansion of the program into other states with approved sale of recreational and/or medical cannabis. The core Safe Harbor Services team is comprised of leaders in the fields of banking, financial services and legal counsel. They also have a deep understanding of the cannabis industry. Their expertise regarding the policies and guidelines for offering financial services to the cannabis industry is what allows Safe Harbor Services to make available an innovative program for connecting CRBs with desirable financial services that is bigger than just banking.